Why Use Rental Inspections Tasmania?

independent rental inspections

Why Use Rental Inspections Tasmania? 

It might be easier to start with what we do not do:

•  We do not collect rent from tenants (you can easily do that yourself)

•  We do not advertise properties for rent (On-line agent Property Now probably does that for you already)

We Are A Specialist Rental Property Inspection, Reporting And Maintenance Service. 

Our clients include:

• Property owners who already manage their own rental property,

• Property owners not wanting the full agent service,

• Owners who seek an independent assessment of their agent managed property, and

• Property trustees and solicitors who do not want to be tied to a real estate agent.

A property inspector who can walk the talk!

Ever wondered why so many agent property inspection reports are lacking detail and advice? At Rental Inspections Tasmania we possess both extensive property management AND building & constructions skills to give you the advice, recommendations and costings you need to keep your property in tip top shape. Rental Inspections Tasmania is part of the solution, not the problem. Has this ever happened to you?

• How come every time I go away, something goes wrong in the unit?

• I have responsible tenants and collecting the rent is not a hassle anymore – I just need a trusted inspection and maintenance service!

You do have a trusted inspection & maintenance service and it is the same firm you have been reading about – Rental Inspections Tasmania.

The devil is in the detail!

We often get told by both property owners and tenants that our inspections and reports are so much more detailed than they are used to. Yes, our comprehensive inspections do take a lot more time, and for good reasons……. our reports are highly detailed; accurate, trustworthy and save you money!

Our rental property assisted inspection service is a sign of our respect for both property owner and tenant and we make sure we get it right the first time.

Not happy with your agent?

Ask yourself these questions.

• Do I really trust the property reports my agent sends me?

• Why doesn’t my agent check those repairs personally & contact me before paying the invoice?

• How come all the repairs come at the end of the lease?

• I wonder how much time my agent really spends at my property?

• The report lacks detail – I seem to be asking all the questions?

• Come to think of it, when did I receive that last report?

You do not have to put up with an inferior service, endless changes of staff when their heart is not really in it and still pay for the privilege.

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